A Letter from Will Newell - Cy's First Cousin

Dear Friends,

On November 27, 2010, I lost my de facto little brother. While we didn't have the same parents, we wouldn't have been any closer if we did. Edgar Clyde Garber, IV (Cy) was six years younger than me, but I learned some valuable things from him. He never actually put these things into words like I'm about to, but I saw it in the way he lived and the things he loved.

Cy taught me that chasing perfection was no different than heading off into the woods chasing after Bigfoot. You never catch up to it but you make yourself crazy trying even though it doesn't truly exist. Cy taught me that true beauty lies in the imperfection. Sure it's fun when you bag that ten point buck or finally land that trick on the wakeboard that you've been working on for weeks. But, the most fun I ever had with Cy was sitting around laughing about our imperfections. Laughing about how we managed to put six shells into the air between the two of us and still not hit a single duck. Or, making fun of the other for paddling into the wave of the day and slipping right off the board - with everybody watching.

Cy taught me that the journey is every bit as important as the destination, probably more important. And while it hurts me every day that I'll never get to go hunting with him again or drag him out of bed at six in the morning because I want someone to paddle out with me; I am grateful that I got to have him as a part of my life for 17 amazing years.

Cy found something that most people spend their whole lives looking for: a way to escape from the stress of school, work, relationships, etc. and be at peace for a while.

This is what motivated my family to start Cy's World Foundation. We hope to introduce youth to those outdoor pursuits that have been such a positive, guiding influence on our lives, in hopes that we can teach them some of the things that I, along with everyone who knew him, learned from Cy. Our goal is not to create trophy hunters or fishermen, or professional surfers or water skiers, but to instill in our beneficiaries the sense of peace and divine connection that we feel when we take part in these activities.

In order to do this, however, we are going to need your help. We are asking that you consider making a contribution to Cy's World Foundation. You can rest assured that your donation will be put to full use as we plan to provide hunting/fishing/surfing/waterskiing excursions for youth who may not otherwise have these opportunities.

Thank you.

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