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2nd Annual Flounder, Trout and Redfish Rodeo

Posted on 11/20/2012

Date:   NOVEMBER  24, 2012 (Saturday after Thanksgiving)

Entry Fee:  Minimum donation of  $50 per boat

Boundaries: Lockwood Folly to Little River, no ocean fishing.

Time:  Lines in @ 6 am.  Be in weigh in line at Sharky’s by 4 pm.

1.    Winner is determined by a combination of three fish. Fish can be of any combinations of flounder, trout or redfish.
2.    Fish must be legal as determined by the NCMF guidelines.
3.    Only one prize per entry.

Awards to follow weigh in at Sharky’s Dock.

1st         25%
2nd        15%
3rd        10%
Cy’s World     50%   (Thank you)


Beat the Bonecrusher:  $20 entry.  
If…..that is a big IF, you can beat the “BONECRUSHER” (Brandon Sauls) you get 50% of the pot.   Much thanks to Brandon for agreeing to put himself on the (hook and) line.

Beat the Champ: $20 entry
Taylor Playforth, self proclaimed Champion of Sheapshead fishing, is putting his reputation on the line.  Get 50% of this pot if you can beat Playforth at his game.  Taylor is pretty confident he will prevail, let’s take him out.

Duck Award:  no entry fee
In honor of Cy, who loved to shoot ducks at OIB, we will have a rotating trophy for the most legal Ducks shot on the day of the tournament.  All legal shooting times and species to be observed,  bring your ducks to the weigh in for bragging rights.  Same boundaries apply.

Childrens Tournament: 12 & under / 12 noon to  3:00 pm biggest fish wins. Sharky’s dock
Please send entries (Boat name and donation) to:

Ned Garber, P.O. Box 188, Fayetteville,  NC. 28302, nedgarber-rubicon@ m: 910-237-2586

OIB  contact: Tim Gallimore -   m: (910) 367-0345

We will be at Sharky’s on Friday  11/23/12  from 3 to 5 pm accepting entries.  Look for the Cy’s World Logo.

All proceeds to benefit CY’S WORLD

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