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Since Cy Garber's family members decided to start Cy's World in 2010, we have been overwhelmed with the outpouring support we have received from family and friends. Without the help of our supporters, Cy's World would have remained a vision and we are proud to see this nonprofit organization enhancing the lives of underprivileged children. We encourage those who have not donated to the cause to check out the website and learn more about our mission. Thank you to our loyal supporters who help make Cy's World possible through generous contributions of their time and money. For memorial or honorarium donations please contact us, we will mail you an envelope for the memorial gift so that we may track the acknowledgements.

Our Mission

The mission of Cy's World is to promote the lifelong love of outdoors, hunting, fishing, surfing, skiing, boating, and all those passions which Cy pursued with vigor.

The Board of Directors is comprised of family and friends. Once fund raising has reached a sustainable level, the Foundation, which is organized as a nonprofit with 501C(3) status, will begin to accept grants to focus on teaching, introducing, and compelling youth to enjoy outdoors safely, with conservation of natural resources and sustainable practices to insure these activities are here for others to enjoy for many generations.

It is expected that grants will be made to certified and qualified vendors to carry out the teaching; current charter captains in NC, fresh and saltwater fishing guides, the OIB surf camp, etc.

All those who currently teach will be supported so that they might introduce and engender these activities to others who could not afford, or might not have the family support system to make it happen. We will use certified and licensed vendors to insure safety.

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